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Technology Services Help Desk

MLC provides free limited technical assistance and technical consulting to public libraries. Libraries may contact the Technology Services Help Desk via a toll-free telephone number or via email.

Contact the Help Desk at: 1.877.652.8324 or Technology Services also acts as a liaison between the library, library vendors and C-Spire to handle issues such as internet outages, internet filtering, internet firewalls, and email problems.


Email Services

MLC provides Office365 email accounts for public library staff members at no cost to the library.


Email Administration

To create, delete or modify email accounts (such as password changes), please complete the E-Mail form. It is recommended to complete the form using the Internet Explorer or download the form and open it in Adobe Reader. Use the submit button to send the completed form or fax the completed form to the Technology Services Help Desk at 601.432.4479.

The MLC Technology Services Division will assist the public libraries with problems associated with sending and receiving email.



Webmail is sometimes preferred when traveling or when accessing office email from your home. Webmail is accessed by entering a URL into a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and supplying proper login credentials. You may access webmail by entering the URL


Email Antivirus Software

MLC provides at no cost to the libraries SPAM filtering and antivirus filtering for email only.


Internet Circuit for Connectivity to the MPLS Statewide Network

MLC provides internet access to the statewide MPLS Network. The MPLS network is a cloud-based network which provides connectivity between the headquarters library and the branch libraries. Each library has an independent and direct connection to the C-Spire internet. The MPLS network was designed in this manner so that if the headquarters library was down, the branch libraries would still have internet access.

MLC provides and pays for the statewide internet access and public IP addresses for the libraries. The libraries pay for their internet circuit, a leased router, a virtual firewall and content filtering. Libraries order internet services through specific state contract C-Spire representatives assigned to the MPLS statewide Network. Do not call the C-Spire service and repair telephone numbers listed in the telephone directories for internet orders or problems. Several options exist for the type of internet circuits offered and your C-Spire representative can supply the list of options. If you need assistance understanding the options, please call the Technology Services Help Desk. Also, before ordering any internet circuit upgrades, it is important to consider E-rate funding. Contact the State E-rate Coordinator for questions concerning E-rate eligible items and circuits.

To report internet problems or outages and problems with internet filtering or firewall issues, contact the C-Spire Help Desk at 1.855.827.7473. You will also need your circuit ID number. Contact the Technology Services Help Desk to obtain your circuit ID for your library branch. It is extremely important to record the C-Spire Help Desk Ticket Number for future reference. Please inform the MLC Technology Services Help Desk if you are experiencing internet issues so that we can ascertain if the issue is state-wide or only with your library. Let us know if the issue is not resolved within 24 hours so that we can escalate your C-Spire ticket to provide resolution.

VoIP Telephone lines are also ordered through state contract pricing and through a specific state contract C-Spire representative. Contact the Technology Services Division at 1.877.652.8324 or  for the C-Spire representative. Libraries should call the C-Spire Help Desk at 1.855.827.7473 for VoIP telephone issues.  For libraries not using C-Spire VoIP for telephone service, call the repair number listed on your local telephone bill to report issues.


Internet Filtering

C-Spire provides internet filtering to comply with CIPA. To make changes to the categories or URL’s to be allowed or blocked, contact the MLC Help Desk at 1.877.652.8324.


Internet Filtering Bypass Password

Each library was provided an Internet Filtering Bypass Password at the time the C-Spire internet circuit was installed. The bypass password allows staff members of the library to enter a password at a patron’s computer to bypass the internet filtering for a specific site. Library staff can enter a password which will temporarily allow the patron to view that specific site. The bypass for that site stays in effect for up to 60 minutes. You can select the number of minutes to allow bypass to a specific URL. After the time limit is exceeded, the password will need to be entered again. It is important to safeguard the password so that patrons cannot bypass filtering on their own.

If your staff does not know the bypass password, contact the MLC Help Desk at 1.877.652.8324  or



C-Spire provides firewall protection for the libraries. C-Spire is responsible for opening or closing ports through the firewall for each library. If a library vendor needs access to servers residing in your library, a port must be opened through the firewall. If you need assistance opening a ticket and communicating your needs to C-Spire, your library vendor or both, please call the Technology Services Help Desk at 1.877.652.8324 or


Problem Resolution or Escalation

If you need assistance getting a problem resolved with C-Spire or getting your C-Spire representative to return your call or getting a status update on an order, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 1.877.652.8324 or


E-Rate funding for Internet Services

Libraries utilize E-rate funding to assist in paying for their internet services. Contact Technology Services for further guidance concerning E-rate. Sharmaine Frazier is the State E-rate Coordinator for all libraries in Mississippi and can assist in filing for E-rate funding. The contact information is as follows: Sharmaine Frazier,, or (601) 432-4094.


Network Consultation

MLC’s network staff will provide free network consultation for any questions about your computer network, wireless network, hardware, software or infrastructure. We will assist in getting quotes from vendors for equipment.


Web Site Hosting

MLC pays for library systems to have a web site stored at a hosted site with a contract vendor when using the domain “”. You have full access to your web site and the library is responsible for content and editing the content on the hosted vendor’s site. MLC provides website templates and will assist in creating the website layout using the content management system WordPress.

MLC will provide a username and password and instructions so that the library can download/upload their content files for their website. WordPress training is also provided by MLC.


Network Monitoring and Bandwidth Utilization Reports

The Technology Services Division monitors the statewide library network and can see at any given time which libraries are experiencing internet outages. The Technology Services Division can also pull bandwidth utilization reports for public libraries for the past 30 days. If you are experiencing latency or a slow internet response, call the Technology Services Help Desk at 1.877.652.8324 for a bandwidth utilization report. By viewing the report, you can see how much bandwidth is being utilized and what times of the day you are utilizing the most bandwidth. Bandwidth utilization reports are helpful when making decisions about upgrading your internet circuit.


Department of Information Technology Services (ITS)

Libraries may use state contract prices for purchasing computer equipment and educational software at discounted prices. The Department of Information Technology Services provides an interactive express products list (EPL), showing the discounted prices for computer equipment and a list of vendors authorized to sell the products.  The website of the EPL is

For assistance in using the EPL or for state procurement questions, contact the ITS Procurement Help Desk at the following telephone number or email address: 601.432.8166 or



Summary of Contact Information

Technology Services Division Help Desk

E-rate Assistance
Sharmaine Frazier @ MLC

ITS Procurement Help Desk