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 BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download)

What is BARD?


BARD stands for Braille and Audio Reading Download. BARD allows patrons of the Mississippi Talking Book Services to independently download Braille and audio books. Downloading from BARD is a convenient way to quickly find the materials you are searching for. BARD currently has over 70,000 titles available for download and more are added every week! A BARD app for Android and iOS devices even allows you to download books to your mobile and tablet devices.


Requirements for BARD


Downloading books from BARD has a few requirements:


  • You must be an active member of a participating National Library Service library (like Mississippi Talking Book Services).


  • Your account must be in good standing, meaning it is active and has no overdue materials.


  • A computer and internet access is required to access the BARD website and online application.


  • A basic understanding of the Internet and computers is recommended.


  • Downloading books to read on your digital player also requires the use of a thumb drive or a blank NLS cartridge and cable (you can find a list of sources that sell cartridges and cords here: If you are downloading books onto your mobile device or tablet, you do not need a thumb drive or blank NLS cartridge.


If you have questions about any of these requirements or procedures please contact Talking Book Services at 1-800-446-0892 or 601-432-4116 and they will help answer any questions.




To gain BARD access you must fill out an application at the following address:  Once your application is received it will be reviewed. If your account is in good standing your application will be approved and you will receive an email with your username and password.




For a detailed BARD Instruction Manual please click here: BARD Instruction Manual

For a video walk-through for BARD on computers click here: BARD Tutorial for Windows

For a video walk-through for BARD on iOS devices click here: BARD Tutorial for iOS