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 The meeting facilities at the Mississippi Library Commission (hereinafter, the “Library Commission”), are primarily for its own use.  However, other state agencies, (hereinafter referred to as the “meeting room guest”), may use the facilities based on application, availability and purpose. The Library Commission limits usage to Mississippi state agencies and state-funded colleges and universities. At this time, there is no charge for using the facilities.  However, to maintain building/furnishings quality, meeting room guests must agree to and adhere to the following conditions of usage.  Failure to abide by the policy may result in monetary assessment for damages and/or denial of use. 


Conditions of Usage 


  1. To request use of a Library Commission meeting facility, submit a completed application using the link below. Meeting room reservations are not finalized until confirmed, via email, by the Meeting Room Coordinator.  
  2. Meeting room guest must provide the name and contact information of the person who will represent the meeting room guest on the meeting day. 
  3. All reservations MUST be made at least seven days prior to proposed meeting. (Ex: for a reservation on a Tuesday, the reservation must be made the no later than the previous Tuesday.) 
  4. Room use by the same agency is limited to no more than twice in any one month.   
  5. Meetings cannot be confirmed more than three months in advance. 
  6. Meeting room guest representatives responsible for meeting MUST check in at Library Commission front desk and make contact with Meeting Room Coordinator before and after use of facility. 
  7. Meeting facilities are available Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Meeting room guest representatives and attendees should arrive NO EARLIER than 8:30 a.m. Access to meeting facilities will be blocked before 8:30 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m.  
  8. Parking is available onsite on a first come, first serve basis. Parking is limited to designated spaces only; no parking on grass or roadways. Violators will be required to move vehicle to a designated parking space. 
  9. A PC and projector are available if requested in advance. Please indicate which items you need on the request form. 
  10. Meeting room guest is responsible for ALL materials and supplies needed to conduct meeting.  
  11. Use of tobacco products is not allowed in the Library Commission building or near entrances to the Library Commission.  Receptacles are located outside. 
  12. Special table set-ups are not available and tables may NOT be moved by meeting room guest. 
  13. Meeting room guest is responsible for returning Library Commission meeting facility to original condition. This includes cleaning tables and countertops, returning chairs to their original positions and ensuring all garbage is contained in proper receptacles.  
  14. Meeting room guest must ensure that ALL attendees are aware of and adhere to the Facility Usage Policy.  
  15.  Please stop by the front desk after the meeting and allow us to make a copy of your sign-in sheet for our utilization statistics.   

Meeting room guest MUST:

  • Ensure compliance with all fire/safety regulations, including, but not limited to, maintaining open aisles, adhering to occupancy limits, keeping exits clear, and having no open flames.  
  • Control meeting noise levels.  Keep meeting facility doors CLOSED. 
  • Use NO adhesives or tacks on the walls or furnishings in meeting facility.

Food and beverages may be served under the following conditions: 

  • Library Commission receptionist must be notified before meeting of expected catered food delivery.  Meeting room guest representative is required to sign for delivery. 
  • Meeting room kitchen is available for food set up, not food preparation. 
  • Serving tables must be protected when food/beverages are served. 
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served. 
  • Beverages limited to coffee, soft drinks, water, juices, and punch.  To protect the carpet, no beverages containing food dyes are allowed.  (Examples: red punch, purple grape juice, etc.) 
  • Coffee pots are available and should be turned off and cleaned after use. 
  • Meeting room guest provides all serving items such as coffee, cups, filters, flatware, plates, sugar, cream, serving trays or baskets, etc. 
  • All trash and discarded food stuffs must be disposed of properly. If additional garbage cans are required, contact Library Commission Meeting Room Coordinator immediately. 

To agree to the guidelines and make a reservation, click here.