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Corduroy Sensory Story Kit

Picture of a Sensory Story Kit


Story kits are kits that contain one print/Braille book and number of items related to the the book. The kits were created to enhance books for children. Each book contains printed words, illustrations, and Braille making them accessible to readers with and without visual impairments.  The items provided in these kits provide a hands-on way for children to experience books and aid in the comprehension and enjoyment of the story.


Anyone can sign up to receive story kits; they are not limited to children with visual impairments. Children of all ages and capabilities can use tactile and sensory exploration to enhance their understanding of concepts and ideas transmitted through books. Kits are sent and returned through the mail. The loan period for story kits is six weeks.


To receive story kits you must be a registered patron of the Mississippi Library Commission or the Mississippi Talking Book Services.


  • To request a story kit, catalog or for more information call 1-800-446-0892 or 601-432-4116 or email Mary Rodgers Beal at



This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.